What Happens at a Cake Smash?

We absolutely love photographing a cake smash!  They are just such fun to be a part of.  We often get asked what actually is a cake smash and we say it’s exactly as it sounds! We thought this would be a great way to show you what happens at a cake smash! It’s a great fun way to celebrate your son or daughter turning one and you get beautiful images to keep forever too!

When would we do a cake smash?

We find they usually take place a few weeks before a first birthday as many people want to share images from the session on their little ones birthday but we have also done them on the actual birthday and later sometimes too!  They will work pretty much whenever you want to do one.  We offer a few different colour backgrounds and have a variety of props and buntings, as well as balloons, to decorate too.  Sometimes mums and dads want a specific theme and we can work together to make it happen.  

One year old at a cake smash with a blue background

How long does the session take?

We allow around an hour and a half for these sessions so that we can capture some lovely clean photo’s at the beginning using our ONE props, then we let the fun begin and let them have cake!  We literally sit them with their cake and see what happens.  Some little ones get stuck straight in with both hands but most have a little play and poke and prod until they get a bit stuck in.  And we are busy getting the all important images while it happens.

It always worth coming armed with a few little favourite treats that we can hide in the cake if they need a little encouragement but we have plenty of tricks to get those amazing images 🙂 

We find that they let us know when they done with the cake and surprisingly they don’t eat much of it at all!  We usually save some slices for mums and dads and the rest they have great fun smashing and smooshing!

Mums and Dads can get involved too and the photos are lovely as they are relaxed and playful.  Just come armed with spare clothes or be prepared to go home a little messy!

“Used Green Apple since my little dude was born had a newborn shoot, Halloween and Christmas and just had a cake smash! I cannot recommend them enough lovely genuine people and absolutely amazing at what they do! Even after Covid 19 I felt safe going into the studio and knowing that they would have put us at the customers as priority to keep us safe! Hopefully have another excuse soon to visit!”

Google Review 2020

One of the great things about a cake smash photoshoot is that siblings can get involved too! It is so lovely to see them playing together and feeding each other cake.

Or sometimes they just smash their face in it!!

What do I need to bring along?

It always worth coming armed with a few little favourite treats that we can hide in the cake if they need a little encouragement but we have plenty of tricks to get those amazing images 🙂 

We supply the background and decorations (unless you want to bring anything along) and the cake (they are delicious and supplied by Yummy Cakes by Lisa).  All you need to bring along is an outfit – keep it simple as it’s great to see arms and legs get messy!  And we also suggest bringing along a swim nappy for the bath bit and of course a towel.  We always love to finish the photoshoot with a bubble bath as it gets amazing images and also cleans off all the cake!

The experience of enjoying the session is just as important as the wonderful photo’s you will receive at the end.  We make sure you all have plenty of fun and can be a birthday to remember.

Hope this has helped explain what happens at a cake smash.  They are extremely popular so we encourage you to book as early as possible to get your choice of date.

Full information about the sessions can be found on the link below but don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions

Cake Smash Pricing


DIY SOS the Big Build in Weston-Super-Mare

The amazing Sweet family from Weston Super Mare had a DIY SOS house makeover back in March 2019 and we were so proud to have been able to volunteer our services for some family photographs to decorate the walls!

The episode is being shown on BBC One Thursday 3rd December at 8pm and we can’t wait to see the finished house!

When DIY SOS got in touch and asked to help we jumped at the chance – we have done charity photoshoots plenty of times before and we love to help where we can.  All the team told us was to make sure they have some fun and capture some fabulous photos for them to use all over the house.  Chris, Cat and the kids weren’t allowed to see any of the final images until the reveal day either!    The family came over to the studio in Bridgwater and we had a few days to get the images edited, ordered and delivered back to the house in WSM.  We were happy to supply them with all the printed photo’s from the session.


We genuinely had an amazing time meeting them and the session was such fun! We are so so happy for them as a family that they were chosen for this amazing house makeover – it is clear to see how much they deserve it. The session was back in March 2019 and after the year we’ve had in 2020 it actually feels like so long ago – it will be lovely to see the finished house.

We were lucky enough to be invited along to the reveal day which is extraordinary! All of the trades, manufacturers, helpers, volunteers and everyone who was involved all met up on the green near the house ready for the walk down to the road where they lived. Seeing the camera crews, drones and the DIY SOS presenters was a surreal experience. There we so many people involved in it all.

After the filming was finished we caught up with Cat & Chris and you could see how totally overwhelmed and amazed they were. It was also great to meet Nick, Billy and the team .

I’m sure it will emotional watching the episode as they are always tear jerkers! Don’t forget BBC One Thursday at 8pm!

If you want any information about having your family photographed don’t hesitate to get in touch – www.greenapplephotography.co.uk – info@greenapplephotography.co.uk

Re-Opening the Studio

Studio Now Re-Open

The studio is now open by appointment only – please only come and visit us if you have got in touch first. We can be contacted by facebook, email and through the website.

We are so lucky that we have a lovely space and were able to re-open on 16th June. We have a large studio area and can offer socially distanced photoshoots. We have had some lovely sessions already with families, babies and cake smashes.

We are looking forward to be able to offer newborn sessions from 4th July onwards too. As with everything we are following every relevant guideline and will be doing everything possible to keep us all safe while capturing beautiful images for your family.

As before we strongly recommend booking your newborn session during your pregnancy – we simply take a £25 deposit and pop your due date in our diary. Once your little one arrives we can then confirm an actual session date. As we are booking one session per day we suggest booking any session early to get the date you’d like.

We have been getting ready by re-organising the studio and moving furniture to make areas for us and for you so that we can maintain social distances. Each session works slightly differently but we will guide you every step so you know what will happen.

All of our props and fabrics are washed/sanitised after each use and the sofa, coffee table, card machine and door handles etc are all cleaned with antibacterial wipes. We have always used hand sanitiser during our sessions and will continue to do this as well as having it available to all our customers. We also have full hand washing facilities available to all.

We have also ensured we have kept fully up to date with all relevant guidelines and followed the governments Five Steps to staying COVID secure.

We look forward to seeing you at the studio and as always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch,

Leigh & Fiona x

Home Made Face Masks

We have all been adjusting to our new normal since the lockdown began and whether that’s by staying home, homeschooling, working or volunteering I think we can all agree it’s been an interesting few weeks.

We are missing photographing all the lovely families and newborns that we would have met during this time and we are busy planning some photo shoots that can be carried out safely as soon as we can re-open.

In the meantime as part of homeschool I’ve been teaching our daughter, Florence, a bit of sewing.  We started sewing some simple squares on a piece of fabric and she was very proud the corners met!   I had decided to use up some of my fabric and make up some masks for family and friends and Florence was very excited to help out!  

We have so far made over 20 masks and ordered more fabrics as she wants to make more for everyone – I’m so impressed at how she has adapted to homeschool and that she is so eager be a helper!


We tried a few different patterns before kind of making our pattern that worked for us.  They are 100% cotton and have a little opening pocket to add a filter if anyone wants to and we are delivering them in pairs so everyone has one to wear and one to wash!

We have delivered some to family and some to a local nurse who runs childrens clinics – she wanted to have something colourful to wear over her work masks that might not look quite so scary to the children.  Florence picked out her favourite colourful fabrics.

We saw today that The National Portrait Gallery has started a photography project that is supported by The Duchess of Cambridge called ‘Hold Still’ – it is showcasing our new normal and highlighting our helpers and heroes.  We have uploaded a photo Florence being a helper and doing her sewing.  I think everyone should take part and enter an image as it will be an amazing display at the end.

You can find out all the information here – https://www.npg.org.uk/hold-still/

We look forward to seeing you all when we can get back to work but for now keep safe! x

New Branding & Shop Front

We are starting the year with brand new shop front signage!  

We have been slowly working on updating our branding over the past 6 months or so and finished our overhaul with some lovely new shop front signs!  Thanks to ParSigns for a great install 🙂


New green apple photography shop front sign


It goes perfectly now with our new logos and watermarks!

You can find the studio at Unit 2 Wye Avenue Bridgwater TA6 5DF or give us a call on 01278 459905!

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