The amazing Sweet family from Weston Super Mare had a DIY SOS house makeover back in March 2019 and we were so proud to have been able to volunteer our services for some family photographs to decorate the walls!

The episode is being shown on BBC One Thursday 3rd December at 8pm and we can’t wait to see the finished house!

When DIY SOS got in touch and asked to help we jumped at the chance – we have done charity photoshoots plenty of times before and we love to help where we can.  All the team told us was to make sure they have some fun and capture some fabulous photos for them to use all over the house.  Chris, Cat and the kids weren’t allowed to see any of the final images until the reveal day either!    The family came over to the studio in Bridgwater and we had a few days to get the images edited, ordered and delivered back to the house in WSM.  We were happy to supply them with all the printed photo’s from the session.


We genuinely had an amazing time meeting them and the session was such fun! We are so so happy for them as a family that they were chosen for this amazing house makeover – it is clear to see how much they deserve it. The session was back in March 2019 and after the year we’ve had in 2020 it actually feels like so long ago – it will be lovely to see the finished house.

We were lucky enough to be invited along to the reveal day which is extraordinary! All of the trades, manufacturers, helpers, volunteers and everyone who was involved all met up on the green near the house ready for the walk down to the road where they lived. Seeing the camera crews, drones and the DIY SOS presenters was a surreal experience. There we so many people involved in it all.

After the filming was finished we caught up with Cat & Chris and you could see how totally overwhelmed and amazed they were. It was also great to meet Nick, Billy and the team .

I’m sure it will emotional watching the episode as they are always tear jerkers! Don’t forget BBC One Thursday at 8pm!

If you want any information about having your family photographed don’t hesitate to get in touch – www.greenapplephotography.co.uk – info@greenapplephotography.co.uk