We have all been adjusting to our new normal since the lockdown began and whether that’s by staying home, homeschooling, working or volunteering I think we can all agree it’s been an interesting few weeks.

We are missing photographing all the lovely families and newborns that we would have met during this time and we are busy planning some photo shoots that can be carried out safely as soon as we can re-open.

In the meantime as part of homeschool I’ve been teaching our daughter, Florence, a bit of sewing.  We started sewing some simple squares on a piece of fabric and she was very proud the corners met!   I had decided to use up some of my fabric and make up some masks for family and friends and Florence was very excited to help out!  

We have so far made over 20 masks and ordered more fabrics as she wants to make more for everyone – I’m so impressed at how she has adapted to homeschool and that she is so eager be a helper!


We tried a few different patterns before kind of making our pattern that worked for us.  They are 100% cotton and have a little opening pocket to add a filter if anyone wants to and we are delivering them in pairs so everyone has one to wear and one to wash!

We have delivered some to family and some to a local nurse who runs childrens clinics – she wanted to have something colourful to wear over her work masks that might not look quite so scary to the children.  Florence picked out her favourite colourful fabrics.

We saw today that The National Portrait Gallery has started a photography project that is supported by The Duchess of Cambridge called ‘Hold Still’ – it is showcasing our new normal and highlighting our helpers and heroes.  We have uploaded a photo Florence being a helper and doing her sewing.  I think everyone should take part and enter an image as it will be an amazing display at the end.

You can find out all the information here – https://www.npg.org.uk/hold-still/

We look forward to seeing you all when we can get back to work but for now keep safe! x