We were so honoured when N-Photo magazine got in touch and asked us to to be the pro in their Apprentice Feature this month!  The feature is where they bring along one of their readers to learn more from a pro in different subjects; this month was newborns and they chose us 🙂

As you can see I had to be brave and actually get in front of the camera this time!  We welcomed Laura to the studio to come along and learn a little more about newborn photography and we also managed to sneak in a cheeky cake smash at the end!

Anyone who knows us and has been to the studio for a newborn session knows that we allow 2-3 hours for a typical session so we have plenty of time for baby to have feeds and cuddles and gently soothe off to sleep.  Well for the magazine we felt we should be prepared as newborn babies don’t generally sleep on demand and we had to capture as much as possible to show Laura how it’s done; so we enlisted the help of a few models for the day.  We were inundated with offers when we posted about it but it came down to timing and trying to balance with both a boy and girl.  We were so pleased to have newborn Alex come along and newborn Lily (who we had actually done a session for the week previous!) in the morning and gorgeous baby Mia with her parents for some shots at lunch time.  We then finished off with a cake smash in the afternoon for the very cute Bradley who we were lucky enough to have photographed as a newborn 11 months ago 🙂  It was quite a day with 3 newborns, 1 cake smasher plus parents plus a photographer and writer from the magazine as well as us!

Laura was lovely and so relaxed around all the babies so once everything was set up we started off with Baby Lily as she was sleeping soundly was Alex was havign a feed.  Because of the safety aspect with it all I did all the posing and baby handling but explained carefully what I was doing along the way.  We decided to keep it simple and fairly natural as our babies were all gorgeous!

We then used a few little hairbands and hats for her too…..

Next up we did a few of baby Alex and decided to try and capture him in one of our lovely props – we chose a nice little crate and filled it with lots of soft fluff for him.  I helped Laura wrap him nicely and i placed him inside ready for photo’s.


He was so lovely and sleepy we got some gorgeous ones in a prop and on the beanbag for mum!  Finally for the babies we had lovely little Mia and her mum and dad.  We decided to go for a lovely dad and baby shot……..

This one didn’t feature in full – just a pull back of me posing her but I absolutely love this one!

After a busy day of newborns we welcomed Bradley who was about to celebrate his first birthday.  We had organised a beautiful cake and set up a lovely blue background all ready for him.  He was just perfect and had lots of fun!

All in all we had a amazing day and we are so proud to be featured in a national magazine doing something that we love!

If you would like to know more about any of our sessions don’t hesitate to get in touch,

Leigh & Fiona x