Safety is absolutely THE MOST important thing when it comes to newborn photography.

We have all seen the gorgeous photo’s of these tiny newborns with their heads resting in their hands or in baskets and buckets alike; but there is something extra special about these photo’s.  These photo’s take extreme skill to achieve because the baby is never actually left in this position unsupported – or at least they shouldn’t be.

Anyone who has been to us with their newborn will know all about it as we are happy to tell everyone just how important it is – it’s always amazing to see people’s faces when they see as they had no idea how it’s really done.

In our job as newborn photographers we are lucky to be able to meet these precious little babies, sometimes from as young as 4 days old, and as parents you have to trust that we will take great care with your new baby whilst we capture those first precious photographs that can be treasured for years to come.  It’s so important to know that it’s not just a case of placing baby in a ‘pose’ and then stepping back to take the photo – there is just so much more to it than that.

You need to know that your photographer knows how these images are achieved safely.

Newborn photography composite somerset

Our sessions are completely baby led and this means that we allow plenty of time for feeding, cuddles and nappy changes during the session.  All of the babies that we meet are different and some sleep the entire time that they are with us and some sleep a little less – the main thing is that baby is happy and is never left at risk for the sake of a photograph!  The baby above was extremely sleepy when we achieved this image and he was also a very curled up baby, some like to curl up their legs and some like to stretch out, but as you can see he is never actually supporting his own weight and in less than a minute he was laid back on the beanbag still sleeping soundly.  It’s very important to understand that not all babies will ‘do’ this pose – we find that all babies have certain positions that they like to sleep in – much the same as us.  Images that are created using these techniques are called composites – it just means that 2 or more images are taken and then carefully put together in photoshop to help the supporting hands (in this example) disappear.

Throughout the session baby would never be left without a ‘spotter’ which might be me or may even be mum or dad – it is just someone who can be right besides baby and offer support or comfort if needed.

We have trained extensively in Newborn Photography and will continue to do so to ensure that we offer the very best service without compromising safety.  Someone professionally trained will know how to achieve these images safely without disturbing your baby or even worse putting them at risk.

As a member of BANPAS (The Baby and Newborn Photography Association) we had to prove that we can achieve the images safely and show that we are fully insured.  BANPAS work tirelessly to promote safety and training within the profession and as there is no way to regulate the industry they strive to make parents aware of the correct way a professional should be working so that you can feel confident that you have chosen well.

So bear in mind when looking for your newborn photographer that safety is a big priority and don’t be afraid to ask if they have examples of how these images are achieved – anyone working safely will be more than happy to show you.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing a little ‘how it’s done’ image.  If you would like any more information on our newborn sessions or to provisionally book yours in just get in touch,

Fiona x